Perched on a hill above the beach of Kalo Livadi on Mykonos, featuring breathtaking views of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea is Villa Pearl, the second largest villa of the Blue Jewel Estate.

Following a contemporary interpretation of the values of traditional Cycladic architecture, Three60 INTERIOR ARCHITECTS by Alexandros Tsikordanos, created an oasis of personal well-being and relaxation, integrated perfectly in the unique landscape of Mykonos.

Villa Pearl spreads over two levels, consisting of 9 bedrooms. All main functions – living room, kitchen, dining room and the bar – are located on both sides of the pool, leaving it to be directy accessed from all bedrooms. The spa and the gym are placed on a different level in the back of the bedrooms along a spacious corridor, so that they are also easily accessible.

The characteristic geometric clarity of the architectural design is also reflected in the interior design. Natural materials, such as stone and wood, have been widely used. The color palette chosen is based on earthy tones which are interrupted only by carefully selected shades that stress the feeling of low-key, bohemian luxury.

Being in harmony with the surroundings and creating a sense of intimacy were the two most important priorities of the interior design. An interesting fusion of modern, urban style and the inherent minimalism of the Cyclades works perfectly at Villa Pearl. So close to nature, yet so contemporary, it proves that modern design can be harmoniously balanced with the traditional Cycladic architecture.

Summer House
1400 sqm
Lighting Design
Athanassios Danilof
Vangelis Paterakis