An eye for the most timeless pieces of contemporary design and a clear, strong emphasis on functionality. There are the two pillars on which this 1800 square meters residence is built.

Located to the south part of Athens, near to its old airport, the house enjoys great, unobstructed views το the sea. Three60 INTERIOR ARCHITECTS was asked to remodel the interior of the residence, bringing to life its owners’ vision.

Contemporary design is present everywhere. It plays a key role, defining the aesthetics of the residence. Works by rather unconventional designers like Bertjan Pot coexist with modern icons like the Papilio Chair by Naoto Fukasawa or the Auckland Chair by Jean Marie Massaud. An immaculately curated collection of design pieces defines the character of the interiors in every area.

Special emphasis was placed on the design of individual architectural details and custom-made constructions. Also, of paramount importance were the landscape and lighting design for both indoors and outdoors.

If contemporary design defines the interior design, then it is the large, generous openings that define the architectural design. Present everywhere, especially in the double-height space of the living room, they let daylight in. Needless to say that they also let the amazing sea views in.

G XL Residence is an extrovert house, a place that despite its immense size has a joyful and friendly character. A place to relax, rejoice the simple pleasures in life and regroup. The residence consists of four levels. The ground floor is where the living room, dining room and main kitchen are located. The first floor houses the spacious bedrooms, while the upper level is reserved for the master suite. Guest rooms and utility rooms – as well as the parking area – are all on the lower level.

1800 sqm
Collaborating Architects
ISV Architects
Structural Engineer
Future Constructions
M&E Engineer
Green Vision Energy
Lighting Design
Athanassios Danilof
Vangelis Paterakis