Nestled in a dense pine forest, this bachelor’s retreat in the outskirts of Athens balances between contemporary urban style and a love for nature.

A sense of luxury in its simplest and most substantial form. A contemporary, urban feeling in harmony with the green landscape surrounding the house. This was the main idea behind the work of Three60 INTERIOR ARCHITECTS by Alexandros Tsikordanos. The owner’s desire was to have a personal haven of isolation, a private retreat where he could regroup and reconnect with nature after a long and demanding day.

Alexandros Tsikordanos designed a spacious home consisting of two levels. The first one hosts the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, while the second – lower one – is where the master bedroom can be found, as well as the guesthouses with their en-suite bathrooms. Functionality is of key importance for the design, so every space is literally defined by its function. The open space on the first level is divided between the living room and the kitchen with an oak bookcase. This alternative partition allows natural light to reach both areas, as well as visual contact between them. The dining area is located next to the large openings in a shape of a “bay window”, allowing unobstructed views of the lush garden.

The neutral, earthy tones used throughout the house, create a warm, cosy setting that reflects the owner’s personal style. Together with the exposed wooden beams of the roof, they function as a link to the surrounding forest. Plus, the overall serene atmosphere proves to be the perfect canvas for the owner’s eclectic art collection. Moving on to the lower level of the house, where the most intimate spaces are, one cannot help but notice the direct connection that all bedrooms have with the garden. So private and so extrovert at the same time.

250 sqm
Vangelis Paterakis