A space to work, to be creative and innovative. But also a place where personal style and originality are valued the most. The office of Three60 INTERIOR ARCHITECTS.

A tribute to pure urban, Athenian style. Gray is the dominant colour. Different shades of gray which, as the natural light changes during the day, turn into a brighter – or darker – version of the city itself. Three60 INTERIOR ARCHITECTS’s office is where all ideas are brought to life. A space especially designed to inspire and trigger creativity, helping those who inhabit it to focus and concentrate.

Situated in downtown Athens, on a quiet “off-Broadway” pedestrian street in the middle of always busy Kolonaki, the office of Three60 INTERIOR ARCHITECTS enjoys the unique vibe of the city while at the same time it functions as a haven of serenity for the design team. To the right of the main entrance a welcoming meeting room and Alexandros Tsikordanos’ private office. The view to the quiet street offers a permanent connection to city. To the left the space for the architects and designers. Old walls have been replaced by glass partitions that divide the different areas while at the same time allowing visual contact between all members of the team. Plus ample daylight reaches every corner. The floors in dark marble, typical of the Athenian architecture of the 60s, unify the space.

In a tribute to personal style, the interior design focuses on icons of different eras and small, decorative details, all handpicked in an eclectic and nomadic manner. Simple and rather minimalistic, certainly contemporary and urban, the office of Three60 INTERIOR ARCHITECTS celebrates originality, suggesting a new approach to the workspace, one that balances perfectly between social and intimate, relaxing and creative.

80 sqm
Alexandros Tsikordanos